The Gift of Hope charity was created in 2004 by the DesRosiers family in honour of our Dad, Val, who passed away from lung cancer. He loved to play Santa Claus at Christmas time so the year he past, we decided to play Santa Claus and made a donation to a family in his memory. The next year, we helped 2 families. As family and friends heard about our donations, we began receiving money, gifts and food to help our recipients. We now help about 15 - 20 families every year. We have helped a total of 147 families to date, with a total of 396 children. Our mandate is to help the “working poor”. Those families making an effort to stay off the system but are working at minimum wage jobs and living paycheck to pay check.

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Our families are referred to us by various social service agencies, such as Ontario Works, Children's Aid Society, and Baldwin House, to name a few.
Our families are provided with approximately 5-6 "staples" paper boxes full of groceries. These boxes are all individually wrapped. We want to present this food as a gift and not charity. We also provide them with a complete turkey dinner including potatoes, carrots, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce. Every families' order is personalized based on their family size and/or allergies. If the family has young children, they also receive baby food, formula, and diapers.
Every child receives about 5 gifts each, depending on the value. We contact the parents and spend a long time discussing their children's "wish list". We also provide our families with wrapping paper, tags and tape.
Every child receives a knitted tuque, scarf, and mitts in their favorite color, knitted by the Chateau Cornwall Knitting Club.
Moms and Dads also receive a personalized gift basket with toiletries and various items.
We have 9 food donation boxes placed in various areas in Cornwall. We send over 100 fundraising letters in October of every year. We receive funds, food, and gifts from many local businesses, family, and friends.
These gifts and groceries are delivered mid December by my sisters and our husbands. Each family receives a car full. We have a convoy of 5 cars when delivering. Seeing the tears of joy and happiness and the hugs we receive when we deliver is our thanks for the hundreds of hours spent on fundraising and preparing their orders.

CRA Registration

Registration # 81407 8374 RR0001

In April 2014, we were approved by Revenue Canada as a charitable organization. As a result, we are able to issue official income tax deductible receipts for all donations of money and gifts in kind.